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PT. Satrindo Mitra Utama was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Sahabat Company which had been founded for more than 40 years engaged in spare part business for agriculture and heavy equipment. At the present time, PT. Satrindo Mitra Utama has over 200 employees with 14 branches located in major cities and 5 service points located in remote area. With the rapid growth of business in agriculture, mining and construction, PT. Satrindo Mitra Utama then decided to expand its business line into heavy equipment and material handling.PT. Satrindo Mitra Utama is presently an exclusive distributor for "John Deere" Agriculture Wheel Tractor, Tailift & GCPower Forklift. The distributor agency has been granted throughout the Republic of Indonesia. Being an agriculture wheel tractor distributor for over 10 years, PT. Satrindo Mitra Utama has been one of the leading tractor distributors in Indonesia. Continuous high Performance is the essential element for our company being competitive in the market and will carry on this tradition in the future. In addition to the above, Satrindo has also been appointed to become dealers for other products related with agriculture and forestry equipment such as from Baldan, Jympa, Jacto, Howard, FAE and also various small harvester products from TAGRM, Guangxi, China.We believe that through our untiring investments in those area, we would be able to build up a solid enterprise and be dedicated to serving our future valued customers. Our philosophies are to develop a full commitment to our customers including to provide a total service in order being competitive in the market and become a high performance organization.
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