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We have a wide range of services, maintenance and repair program, training for new products, and many other schemes

service programs

We strive to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience to our customers both before and after sales. Below are the services we provide to accompany the products we offer to ensure all units operate accordingly, to cater to your different needs. Please contact us regarding Special Service Programs for package deals and blanket orders.

Here are several service program that we provide


To preserve equipment quality, knowledge of operation and procedural daily maintenance of new unit will be shared through Training & Commissioning program for new units. This program includes On-Site Delivery, On-Site Testing and, if necessary, Training Class. Training Classes are available for both internal and external parties – such as business consultants, mechanics, spare part operations, new employees, as well as the customers’ operators and mechanics, dealers and more.


We conduct comprehensive inspections of machinery conditions. This inspection utilizes special, state-of-the-art equipment and can be conducted at the customer’s premises or operational location. The inspection result will include a comprehensive report of the machinery condition, and recommendations for the required spare parts.


The purpose of this program is to improve and revive machinery condition and performance to resemble its brand new state. Quality and cost efficiency are the main consideration in conducting this program, in order to maximize the results of the recondition.


We provide mechanics to work thoroughly on consultation, observation, maintenance and reparation, all of which are conducted in the customer’s location.


This program includes periodical machinery maintenance which are conducted in accordance to the factory’s Standard Operational Procedure, and any necessary reparations for the machinery performed by mechanics that we will provide. We will recommend any spare parts needed for reparation, however this program does not include the procurement of the spare parts.